Stereo 6-band equalizer with, "air band". Designed to equalize without adding noticeable phase distortion. Originally designed by Cliff Maag, who has gone on to found Maag Audio.


The newer verion of the U87. Same sound, higher gain and a bit cleaner. Popular for vocals, singing or voice overs. Post houses doing high end animation love this mic.

Beautiful on strings and as overheads. Black or champagne.


A studio standard for 50 years. Solid-state version of the U67. Condenser, three patterns, pad and low pass filter. Vintage/original.


Three pattern tube mic. Released in 1960. Our is vintage. Not the reissue.
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U47 fet

Same large diaphragm capsule as the legendary U 47 with FET electronics. Vocals, kick drums, bass cabinets. Great on low end. Vintage not reissue.


Multi pattern, condenser, tube mic. Classic. Vintage. Awesome.
*Not on site. COI required. Fees may apply.


FET version of Neumann's tube classic mics. Condenser. Same capsule as the U47 and M47 for a silky smooth vocal.