Small condenser, end addressed instrument mic. Outstanding for percussion, wind, strings, brass, piano and guitar.


Launched in 1960 and still one of Sennheiser's most popular mics. Handles exceptionally high sound pressure levels so it's an excellent choice for most instruments. Commonly used on loud guitar cabinets and drums. 


Wide cardioid capsule for Schoeps CMC5 or CMC6 amplifiers. Combines the advantages of the omni (warm sound) and the cardioid (directivity) capsules.


Supercardioid capsule for Schoeps CMC5 or CMC6 amplifier. Great for recording dialogue. It's highly directional, comparable to a shotgun mic, but used mostly for indoor recording.


1U rackmountable unit with 6 independent stereo headphone amplifiers. Each with volume control.